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Fleetwood Mac fans worldwide will be so saddened by the shocking news of Christine McVie's passing. *RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC* would like to send their heartfelt condolences to Christine's family and all at Fleetwood Mac. Thank you for the music.

Fly onwards our beautiful Songbird. RIP Christine McVie @rumoursfm #rumoursoffleetwoodmac #christinemcvie #fleetwoodmac

Fleetwood Mac Tour 2022

The World's Finest 'Fleetwood Mac' Tribute Concert

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac: A group of musicians who hold Fleetwood Mac very close to their hearts and who endeavour to perform their music as authentically as possible...

‘Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac’ has now performed to over 850 THOUSAND Fleetwood Mac fans across the world and marked up over 80 MILLION streams on YouTube. Formed back in 1999 ‘Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac’ is now recognised globally as the ''Finest Fleetwood Mac Concert Experience'' and is endorsed by founder 'Fleetwood Mac' member Mick Fleetwood. Produced and promoted by CMP Entertainment

'An extraordinary emotive performance of Fleetwood Mac' (Mick Fleetwood)

'A stunning snapshot of the world's first supergroup Fleetwood Mac' (The Sunday Times)

'An unbelievable re-creation of one of the most popular and longest running bands in rock history' (London Evening Standard)

'The Fleetwood Mac classics are performed so respectfully with their YouTube channel nearing 80 million views. A true testament to the legacy of the mighty Fleetwood Mac' (Mail On Sunday)


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