World Touring 2023 

So this year 'Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac' travelled 50,000 miles in total , played 123 major concerts dates across UK, Europe and the USA. A truly fantastic year for us all with unbelievable turnouts and receptions every single night.
For the record .. we take the applause nightly for the mighty 'Fleetwood Mac' and their legendary classic hits. Every song weaves a soundtrack to most of our lives here and yours possibly too. This year's touring has been dedicated to Christine McVie. The love we've felt from you for her, across this world, has been immense.

We would like to thank you all for supporting the *Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac* concert .. without you guys, the 'Fleetwood Mac' fans, we simply wouldn't even exist. .

Fleetwood Mac really doesn't need *Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac* to keep their legacy alive which is why it remains such a privilege to travel the world playing their songs live to you... songs we all hold so close and cherish so very very much.

Happy Christmas to you all the world over. We wish you health, peace and above all happiness.

See you next year. Big Love from all at *Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac* ❤️🙏